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April 10 -- Fishing is hot in Matagorda if your looking for a fun day fishing give me a call. Fishing in east bay we are catching drifting with gulp and live shrimp. Over in west bay it's all about the wadeing so if your interested let me know. Tight lines Capt Ken Sabin


Nov 22 -- Here is what's happening in Matagorda. Over in east bay, wading and drifting is producing great results. While wading, we are throwing small top water's and plastic's catching flounder, trout, and redfish. Over in west bay, wading is always my favorite and the fishing is great. If your planning on fishing, give me a call.... Capt. Ken Sabin ...... 281-814-3531






April 22 ---- Here is what is going on in Matagorda. Drifting in East Bay is steady with live shrimp under a popping cork. On most days wading has been really good late afternoons when throwing top waters. In West Bay it's been consistent the last couple weeks for waders or drifters. If your wanting to get out on the water for some great fishing, give me a call.



Dec. 6, 2015 --- Fishing is great... Check out the photos ...



Oct. 14 ... Hello friends, here is what is going on in Matagorda. In East Bay I'm drifting with shrimp or gulps and catching lots of trout and redfish. While wading East the fishing is equally as good while throwing plastics and small top waters. Some really nice flounder to be had while wading. Over in West Bay I'm throwing small mullet at reefs, catching lots of nice reds.
If your interested give me a call. Capt Ken Sabin 281-814-3531

August 14....What's not to like about fishing in Matagorda? Here is what's happening in East Bay. Drifting, throwing shrimp and gulps, under Midcoast Nexos 4 inch popping corks is the ticket wadefishing in East Bay is steady on small top waters early in the morning. Fishing west Matagorda is just as productive only the wadefishing is better. Hope to see yall on the water!
Ken Sabin


June 4, 2015....Hello friends, here is my fishing report for Matagorda. In East Bay, I'm drifting and throwing shrimp under a popping cork. I'm catching a bunch of trout and red fish! In West Bay, it is a long haul to find water salty enough to wade fish, due to all the rains that we have had in May. It's time to go fishing, so give me a call!



February 8, 2015

Friends fishing is on fire in matagorda. Every year at this time the bait starts moveing and the fish get hungry. Iam catching fish in east bay west bay and the river right now. If your wanting a fun day on the water give me a call the fishing is at it"s best right now.I have some openings over the thanksgiving weekend come open give me a call Capt Ken Sabin


Fishing has been really good in Matagorda here is whats happening.In east bay drifting Iam still catching plenty of nice trout throwing shrimp or gulps it doesnt matter. We all are still catching some over size redfish that always makes a great deal of excitement on the boat. Wadefishing is only getting better we have some really high tides that allows the fish to hide in coves which sets upmsome great wadefishing. Well the next couple of months is the best fishing of the whole year so if your wanting a fun trip give me a call thanks Capt Ken Sabin


August 4, is really good right all options seem to be working whether its drifting east bay or drifting the surf. Wade fishing is productive in west bay. I have repowered my boat from suzuki to yamaha if your wanting to fish give me a call..... thanks Capt Ken Sabin




May 25, 2014

Been catching some solid trout on Gulps under popping corks in east bay wading... I'm doing same in west bay...... it's very good right now. Back to east bay: Drifting - it can be great one day and tough for 3days after. The bait supply is becoming more consistent so i will be throwing live shrimp. I have plenty of openings available on Sundays and Fridays so if your ready to fish, give me a call....thanks Capt Ken


March 20, 2014

So here is what's going on in Matagorda right now. I am drifting both ends of the bay fishing over shell in about 3 feet of water. They are still eating plastics real good... other than that I am throwing Mid Coast corks with a variable length leader. As for wadeing, it is also getting really consistently good. Back to drifting east bay....the weather and water tempatures are getting warmer which is getting everything moving and the fish are getting hungry. I have fished west bay also, and depending the wind and water, the fishing has been good also. If you get the urge to go fishing, give me a call.... thanks and tight lines, Ken.



If your looking for a fun trip, give me a call.
Captain Ken Sabin

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